Faculty of Science - Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science was established in the academic year (1431-1432 H). It is considered to be one of the most important pillars in the Faculty of Science, where the mathematics is of the most important science ancient and contemporary those have contributed and still continuing to contribute effectively to the technical development that we are seeing these days. The department includes a selection of faculty members in various disciplines like Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Functional Analysis and Statistical Mathematics. They are always seeking for the sake of elevating the level of the department to achieve the desired objectives

Our message is to enhance the qualifications of the graduate students to possess logical thinking and scientific making them able to meet the educational and developmental needs for our nation. Work to enrich the knowledge by developing research skills in mathematics.

1-Practicing logical thinking skills and the use of proper methods in thinking.
2- Using educational techniques in the teaching of mathematics and the development of efficient its use.
3-To identify the computer and its different languages to gain the ability of using it in the teaching of mathematics.
4-Deepening the information and mathematical skills which appoints the graduating students to do their works in the teaching with high efficiency in the future.
5-Preparation of distinguished professionals and competent to compete in the labor market.
6- To encourage scientific research and publication in scientific journals and communication between specialists in other fields of science.